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Once you have signed up, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt of payment.  Within 48 hours, you will receive a secondary email from Jessi J. to confirm your location.  The exact date that Jessi J. will be in your town will be determined once all enrollments are complete.  You should expect to see her full itinerary by the Spring of 2018.  If you can not attend class on the day she is in your town, Jessi J. will find a way to connect with you.

If you have any questions, you may contact Jessi J. at coretorch@gmail.com

What to Expect

I truly believe in functional training, calisthenics and plyometrics - Moving as the body was intended to naturally move.  As seen in the picture on the left, I spend some time in the gym, working with weights, but it's very minimal.  Normally you will catch me outside, whenever possible, to absorb Vitamin D, breath the fresh air and uplift your spirits.  My program is designed aggressively around you and what you can or cannot do with your body.

Let's not get lazy.  Although some may find that going out on a hike is rewarding through the presence of panoramic landscape and tranquility, I find it quite boring.  This picture seen on the right is of the clients on Fit To Fat To Fit.  Although it never made the final cut, the outcome of walking at a steady slow pace will not cut pounds or inches off your waist.  You need that daily 30 - 60 minute anaerobic workout to whisk away the fat - then you will truly enjoy that hike!

Run up the hill!  You can do it.  This picture was taken during my 50 pound weight loss, again a part of the show that did not make the final cut.  For nearly two hours, my husband and I ran up this hill forward and backwards.  We alternated with lunges and a variety of other routines.  Up top we did toe taps, push-ups and much more.  No equipment required, just you - yourself - and me!

Rain or shine, there is no excuse, we'll always have gym access.  My equipment goes everywhere I go, so be prepared for TRX, jump rope, medicine balls and more!


Get Ready - I'm about to turn you on to a completely new way of life.  You're going to absolutely love it!  We don't need to be muscle heads, we just want to feel good - and I'm going to bring that out of you!  Sign up today and I will see you soon!

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