Jessi J.
Personal Trainer

 As seen on Lifetime's
"Fit To Fat To Fit" 

  I'm coming to Your Town for my H.I.I.T. City Tour ~Tour de Core~

Join Jessi's
-Whittle Your Middle

   * I will move your body in ways you didn't know was possible!

   * All exercises can be modified to challenge you accordingly!

   * I will provide nutrition planning and additional support!

   * Men, Women, Old, Young, Athletes or Not, Be Ready!


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I am a real person, Wife & Mother of two.  I relate & feel empathy for my clients, yet make no excuses to bring out their finest health.  What you may not know is, I have Scoliosis!  I also lost 50 pounds in just Four Months...


What is H.I.I.T.?
High Intensity Interval Training

Please don't think of my H.I.I.T. City Tour as just another remedial Boot Camp.  With Jessi J. HIIT, when you find yourself in the groove between stations, this not-so circuit training program will jump into plyometrics and supersize your workout!  The high intensity will boost your heart rate into the fat burning stage.  All out 100% effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short rest; this is you're active recovery.  You will be working out every single muscle in your body!  HIIT is All Out - All of the Time!

HIIT is so effective in burning fat: more cardio improves your cardiovascular system.  High Intensity and less rest constantly challenges your body to increase your metabolism and burn the fat.

Welcome to the Anaerobic Zone, where you can't breath and your heart jumps out of your chest!  Jessi J. will take you there!  The Anaerobic Zone will build on your athletic performance and help you gain lean muscle mass and finally lose that fat you didn't think was possible.  Much different than an aerobic workout, such as yoga, jogging or weight lifting.

This HIIT workout ensures your body continues burning calories for up to 24 hours after the routine.  Thus, no more than three HIIT workouts a week is needed!  If you are not completely drenched in sweat by the end, you haven't emptied your tank.

Whether you are a soccer mom that needs energy to keep up with your kids or you're a triathlete trying out for Ironman, Jessi J. and the HIIT City Tour is right for you!  Every station and exercise can be modified to your abilities and I will be there for you to insist results!

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-"Extreme Training Produces Extreme Results!"